Retrobase High Polymer Insulation Basecoat

Retrobase basecoat is a polymer modified reinforcing and levelling basecoat coat used in combination with reinforcement mesh.

Vapour permeable, weather resistant and offers excellent adhesion. Applied directly onto the face of the insulation as a part of SPSenvirowall External Wall Insulation.

Can also be applied direct to prepared masonry and blockwork substrates as part of a render-only system. Suitable for hand & spray application.

Coverage is 5m2 per bag depending on thickness applied environmental recommendation. Please dispose of waste responsibility not in drains or watercourse.

Retrobase basecoat is used directly on top of insulation boards incorporating the reinforcing mesh. Applied 4-6mm thick for dash systems 6-8mm thick for acrylic/silicone/granomin systems, applied with a toothed trowel.

  • 25kg

  • 7.2kg per m2 approx.

    Note: Consumption estimates are for guidance only, and take no account of wastage and may vary according to the type of surface involved; an allowance should be made for uneven and misaligned substrates when ordering materials.

  • Retobase can be ordered online for collection at our branches.

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