Envirorend Insulation Basecoat

Envirorend basecoat is a reinforcing and levelling basecoat coat used in combination with reinforcement mesh. Applied directly onto the face of the insulation or RendaClad boards as a part of SPSenvirowall External Wall Insulation and RendaClad render carrier board systems.

Envirorend key benefits:

  • Reinforcing coat to protect insulation
  • It stop water ingress into the system due to it water resistance qualities
  • Help control thermal stress on top coat in conjunction with mesh
  • Key for top coat finish

25kg per bag.

Coverage 5.5m2 per bag depending on thickness applied.

Environmental Recommendation – Dispose of waste responsibly, not in drains or watercourse.

Envirorend basecoat is used directly on top of insulation boards incorporating the reinforcing mesh. Applied 4-6mm thick with a toothed trowel.

  • 25kg

  • Approximately 4.5kg/m² dependant on line and level of the application surface.

  • Price ex works

Technical Information

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