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Benx Fabrication Services

Our in-house fabrication service allows customers to order both building boards and façade panels to exact sizes, reducing construction cutting time, minimising wastage and improving environmental impact. We can cut, shape, drill, slot, bevel, bull-nose and finish to most specifications. Machining also enhances the accuracy and consistency of the manufacturing process, improving overall quality.

We are planning to develop our fabrication capabilities further and will continue to invest in know how and capital equipment to ensure we meet the growing needs of our offsite customers.


Do you need technical support for your offsite project ?

Our dedicated Technical Support Team is here for you. Our aim is to respond to your technical request with speed, quality and professional consideration. So, for Technical Service or Product Support please file a technical request using our support form or contact your local representative.

We can help you with the following topics:

Comment on technical drawings
Thermal calculations Phyisabel calc
U-Values /Condensation risk calculations
Standard Set of CAD details
Bespoke CAD details
Standard Specification
Project Specific Specification
Standard technical response
Bespoke Written response
Wind Loading calc
Response relating to compliance
Sample request
Project Design Pack (refurb & new build)
Site Visit Requests

Upon receipt, we will contact you promptly to address your inquiry.

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