Insulation Anchor IDK-T 8/60 X 75-175mm

For fixing insulation up to 140mm thick into concrete and brickwork. Polypropylene expansion anchors supplied with plastic pins. Different lengths are colour coded for easy on-site identification, supplied pre-assembled for ease of use and offer rapid application installation.

This product should be specified where the compressive strength of the substrate is low.

  • These anchors can be ordered online for collection at our branches

Mechanically Fixing of Insulation to Various Substrates

Mechanical fixings or anchors play an important function in the way in which External Wall Insulation Systems perform under building and dynamic loadings. The role of the fixing is far greater than simply holding the insulation in place until the render is applied, it has to accommodate movement within the structure, positive and negative wind pressure and supporting the self-weight of the system to name a few key functions.

There are a number of different fixings that can be used and it is important to select the fixing for the application and in some instances this requires on site pull out tests to be completed to determine the performance of the fixing with the substrate.

Based on site conditions and location along with site based test results, a specific fixing pattern may be required. Please contact SPSenvirowall technical team for advice.

All masonry based EWI fixings are tested and Certified in accordance with ETAG 014 ‘Plastic Anchors for ETICS’. Within this standard there are 5 categories for which the fixings can be Certified as being acceptable to be used in and these can be seen in the table below. If a substrate is not categorised then on site testing must be done.

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