Envirobed Polymer Adhesive Mortar

Envirobed Polymer Adhesive Mortar uses innovative cement polymer technology, blended and formulated with high quality aggregates and chemical modifiers, to give excellent adhesion and grab when applying insulation boards and brick slips to most masonry and cement board substrates.

It only requires the addition of clean water to give easy mixing and good workability properties.

25kg per bag – coverage 5.5m2 per bag depending on thickness applied.

Environmental recommendation – dispose of waste responsibly, not in drains or watercourse.

Envirobed insulation board adhesive is used directly on the back of insulation boards. Applied 5mm thick with a 10mm toothed trowel. Spot bedding method can be used for uneven substrates, consult technical team for recommendation.

  • 25kg

  • Approx. 4-5kg/m2.

  • Envirobed can be ordered online for collection at our branches.

Technical Information

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