Reinforcement Mesh (Premier)

Supplied in 50m² rolls (50m long by 1m wide) premier glass fibre reinforcement mesh is used to add extra strength and impact resistance to basecoats, both in a render only context and when applied as part of an external wall insulation system. The reinforcement mesh should be applied as near to the outer surface of the basecoat as possible to provide the most effective protection.

  • 1 metre

  • 25 metres

  • Mesh can be ordered onine for collection at our branches

Technical Data

  • Width

    1 metre

  • Length

    50 metres

  • Weight

    (per unit area)

    165g/m2 or 190g/m2

  • Mesh Size

    4x4mm or 7x7mm

Reinforcement Mesh

High impact mesh is a heavy duty version of reinforcement mesh which provides a more robust reinforcement to render only and EWI applications. This should be specified in areas where a high impact resistance is required generally at ground floor level, in buildings with high levels of activity such as schools and public areas.

Reinforcement mesh is available in 50m² rolls (50m length x 1m wide).