Luxe Coat

Solid Aluminium Cladding provides an A1 classified, non-combustible, high impact resistant solution with exceptional durability and mechanical benefits. Aluminiums’ light weight and high strength to weight ratio make it a valuable asset as a recladding facade, while its fire reaction and insulating properties help provide safety and energy efficiency.

Luxe Coat

  • Deep Black
  • Anthracite Grey
  • Dark Grey Metalic
  • Steel Blue
  • Moss Green
  • Rubt Red
  • Red
  • Yellow Green
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  • A1 classified non combustible to BS EN 13501-1


Used to allow insulated structures to easily release excess moisture vapour into the atmosphere and keep the internal elements of wall structures dry.
EPDM is an important Benx façade protection layer. It is a synthetic rubber material which is both weather resistant and tear-resistant.
Essential accessories for a wide variety of applications, including sealing of sheathing boards and the durable bonding of breather membranes.
Made from powder coated Galvanised Steel or Stainless Steel, in a choice of mesh or perforated wing, with optional PVC nosing
Mechanical fixings or anchors play an important function in the way in which our systems perform
Insulation products for walls, roofs and floors We supply three key types for both EWI and Rainscreen Cladding Systems
Designed to protect the building void between the inner and outer facade elements
RCM are proud to be the UK distributor for Allface Smart Fixing Systems, a global specialist in the provision of support systems

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