Illbruck ME315 Total Protection Tape

ME315 is a special tape with solvent free modified acrylic dispersion adhesive.

ME315 is a single-sided adhesive tape for interior and exterior use, providing a high performing air and weather tight seal. Suitable for a wide variety of applications including sealing of sheathing boards, slab edge details and the durable bonding of illbruck vapour barrier and breather membranes. A permanent bond is achieved on all illbruck indoor and outdoor building protection membranes.

  • UV stabilised solvent free acrylic dispersion

  • DIN EN 1939 - Approx. 35 N/25 mm

    *depending on ambient temperature and relative humidity

Key Benefits

  • Fully compatible with all illbruck building protection products
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Quick and easy application
  • Highly UV resistant
  • Can be used within partially open façades
  • Weather resistant
  • Highly moisture resistant adhesive
  • Excellent adhesive bond strength to most common substrates
  • Very soft to touch

Technical Data

  • Material

    UV stabilised solvent free acrylic dispersion

  • Bonding Strength*

    DIN EN 193, Approx. 35 N/25 mm *depending on ambient temperature and relative humidity

  • UV Resistance

    EN 1849-2, 12 months

  • Ageing Resistance

    Very good

  • Moisture Resistance

    Very good (rainproof)

  • Plasticiser Resistance

    Very good

  • Compatibility with common building materials


  • Service Temperature

    -40°C to +100°C

  • Application Temperature **

    -10°C to +40°C ** depending on ambient temperature, the use of appropriate illbruck primer is recommended. Store all primers prior to use at minimum 10ºC.

  • Storage

    Store in shaded, dry conditions

  • Shelf Life

    1 year when stored as recommended in original unopened packaging.

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