The façade panels can be fastened mechanically and concealed with the help of undercut anchors. Hanger elements are put into the undercut drill hole on the back of the panel with special dowels. Each façade panel is fastened with at least four individual hanger elements.

Technical Features and Benefits

  • Wind pressure is passed right to the building element – no tensile load on the dowel.
  • Each F1 can be used for a fixed point or a sliding point.
  • The F1+ is mainly used as an anchor point. It has high load bearing capacity due to its design with a height of 175 mm combined with 2 wall fixing points.
  • Dowel spacing of 125 mm for the F1+ makes it possible to fasten to a problematic subgrade.
  • Integrated clamp-slide provides 38 mm of adjusting for the L- or T-profiles.
  • Made of aluminium EN-AW 6060 T66.

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