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An eye catching four to five storey development in Croydon will deliver a mixture of 22 homes for affordable rent and shared ownership.

SPSenvirowall supplied 1,600m2 of 120mm mineral wool with acrylic slips and render for a multi storey residential build for Providence Group in Croydon. The TS Rail System was specified for its light-weight, speed of installation and cost effectiveness as well as the requirement for an A-rated insulation board.

Completed in the spring of 2019, the attractive multi storey residential building was finished on schedule and features a buff acrylic brick slip with a red feature band. The property is now on offer for sale by housing association Optivo, one of the largest housing providers in the UK.

Residents will benefit from an energy efficient home situated only ten minutes from West Croydon train station.

The Benefits of the SPSenvirowall TS Rail system:

BBA Certified Full scale fire tested. Compliant BS8414 Part II EPS system compliant over 18 metres RwdB 45db-55db sound reduction Light Weight Cost Effective

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