Benx 5 Levels of Protection

The complete
Outer Wall Solution

Layer One - The Sheathing Board

Our extensive range of boards, many of which are A1 Fire Rated and BBA Certified, are used as an external sheathing layer and underpin our ventilated rain-screen cladding range.


Layer two - Breathable Membrane

The Benx range of Breather Membranes are installed on the cold side, or the external side of our sheathing board beneath the main outer cladding. Breather membranes are designed to allow insulated structures to easily release excess moisture vapour into the atmosphere and keep the internal components of wall structures dry, whilst performing the task of a secondary protection membrane and preventing penetration by external environmental impurities such as dirt and rain.


Layer Three - Façade Sub Frame

Benx offers a  range of A1 Non combustible support frames, these include:

Aluminum Z profile.

Cavity depth 50mm, this is typically used for low to medium rise applications and can be fixed back to both masonry and framed buildings (please refer to our schematic above, shown on a build up os a weatherboard façade)

Allface Helping hand system.

Cavity depth 50mm-300mm depths. This is typically used on medium to high rise application where the cavity depth needs to vary and can be fixed back onto either masonry or framed buildings.

35mm Metal Z Section.

Typically used for low to medium rise applications and can be incorporated in  both masonry and framed buildings

EPDM Sheet

Level Four - EPDM

EPDM is an extremely durable synthetic rubber membrane  (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) widely used in in walls and roofs due to its ability to remain flexible and withstand temperature variations for decades.

In a typical façade build, EPDM can be used as an edge flashing around windows or doors or as a sound proofing barrier between layers. It requires little maintenance, is tear-resistant and has good insulation properties, which all contribute to its long lifespan.