Announcing the new Benx Masonry / Steel Frame Direct-Fix Certification

Benx are proud to announce our latest fully tested KIWA agreement approved system the direct fix application for External Wall Insulation Systems (EWI), suitable for framed structures (SFS), masonry or concrete supporting walls.

The Direct Fix EWI system is a new addition to the growing family of approvals for our External Wall Systems, Rainscreen System and comprehensive range of sheathing boards. This system incorporates the use of A1 fire rated Mineral Wool Insulation and has a range of finishes to suit project performance and aesthetic requirements with options for fully A1 non-combustible system finishes.

Tested to BS EN 13501

With a durability design life of 60 years the system offers unparalleled performance with appropriate maintenance.

Technical Manager, Dave Sherlock said, “Installing this system directly onto the sheathing board negates the complexity of accommodating a cavity, and as such can significantly simplify design and fire performance. The installation process has reduced complexity and there is no requirement for, or reliance on, cavity closers or fire breaks behind our A1 rated Mineral Wool Insulation”.

Application and design of the new approved system covers a variety of sheathing boards, including Y-Wall, our premium A-Rated Cement Particle Board which is suitable for use on projects over 18m in height.

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