Supertech™ End Profile 65

Finishing profile where the end batten needs to be covered to provide a neat finish.

End Profile 65 for Benx Supertech™ Plank

  • 3000m long x 65mm x 10mm x 26mm x 34mm
  • Please note that these trims must be installed before the boards are installed with the 34mm leg sitting behind the boards.
  • End Profile 65 trims are used to create a stop end to a run of cladding.  The 65mm leg is designed to cover a 38mm timber batten so that it can’t be seen from a side view.
  • All colour matched trims are supplied in 3m lengths and manufactured in 0.9mm thick aluminium.  End Profile 65s are available in matching colours to suit all Supertech planks

Technical Specifications

  • Material – 1050 A Grade Aluminium
  • Dimensions – 65mm x 10mm x 26mm x 35mm x 1mm