A seasonal update from your SPSEnvirowall Team

As the festive season approaches, we wanted to let you know about our holiday schedule and a little bit of news to keep you in the loop.

Our offices will be buzzing with holiday cheer until 12 noon on Friday, 22nd December 2023, and will joyfully reopen at 8:30 am on Tuesday, 2nd January 2024. For a sprinkle of festive magic, the final date for deliveries before Christmas will be Wednesday, 20th December 2023. But don’t worry, the New Year will kick off with excitement, and our depots will resume deliveries on Wednesday, 3rd January 2024.

Now, onto some exciting news! Just as you’re unwrapping your presents, we’ll be unwrapping a new and improved computer system on January 8th. It’s like a gift to enhance your overall experience with us. While this won’t be as riveting as finding a puppy under the tree, it’s a significant step towards providing you with an even better service.

In the spirit of full disclosure, from a couple of days leading up to January 8th, our team will be doing a little holiday dance as we transition to the new system. This might make us a tad slower than usual, but trust us, it’s all in the name of progress! Your understanding during this period is like a warm cup of cocoa on a chilly winter day – highly appreciated.

We’re dedicated to keeping the holiday spirit alive in our service, and this upgrade is our way of making sure the new year brings you even more joy and seamless experiences. With that in mind, our specific Last Order Dates before Christmas are as follows:

  • Mineral Wool – Lead time will be advised upon receiving order. Orders of stocked items received before Christmas can be delivered Wednesday 3rd January from our depots. Supplier WC Monday 8th
  • Lamella – Lead time will be advised upon receiving order
  • Topcoat, Primer & Paint (over 20 tubs) – By 10am Thursday 7th December
  • Tinted Topcoat & Primer (under 20 tubs) – By 10am Monday 18th December for all depots
  • Standard Beads – By 10am Tuesday 19th December
  • Powder Coated Beads – Monday 18th December
  • Brick Render – Lead time will be advised upon receiving order
  • Render Boards – Lead time to be advised upon receiving order
  • Dash Receiver (stock) – By 10am Tuesday 19th December
  • Special Order Dash Receiver (not in stock) – Friday 1st December for made to order items. All other items Friday 15th December
  • Phenolic – Thursday 14th December
  • Polystyrene – by 10am Thursday 14th December
  • Aggregates – Thursday 14th December
  • Standard Fixings – By 10am Tuesday 19th December
  • Special Order Fixings (not in stock) – Lead time will be advised upon receiving order
  • Basecoats/Mesh – By 10am Tuesday 19th December
  • Brick Slips, Pistols & Adhesive – Thursday 7th December for production before Christmas, delivery in the New Year
  • Aluminium Baserails, Verge Trims & Accessories – Thursday 7th December

Wishing you a holly, jolly holiday season and a fantastic New Year filled with prosperity and cheer!