We offer professional customer added value support when you specify SPSenvirowall external wall insulation systems and products. We provide technical support by telephone on 01535 661633 and e-mail from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, five days a week.

On-Site Support

Receive professional, on-site support when you specify SPSenvirowall systems and products.

Whatever your objective, we can advise on the design and technical specifications of our systems for your refurbishment or new build project.

For technical advice on any of our external wall insulation systems on or off-site, contact our Technical Team.

U-Value Calculations

Our internal technical support team will calculate the thermal performance of the designed wall structure and advise on insulation thicknesses to achieve target u-values.

Project Specific Detailing

SPSenvirowall has an extensive suite of standard details, which can be adapted to provide project-specific detailing.

Project Specific Specifications

SPSenvirowall has NBS specifications for its complete range of systems and can tailor these to specific project requirements.

CGI Design

For retrofit projects, we are able to provide design options in a CGI format so that an appreciation of the completed project can be made thereby assisting the design process.

Wind Load Calculations

On high-rise projects, the wind loading is critical in ensuring the correct system, fixing and fixing patterns are specified. SPSenvirowall can undertake these wind load calculations providing the greatest assurance to the client.

Thermographic Photography

SPSenvirowall is able to undertake thermographic photography providing evidence of heat loss reduction or identifying areas of a wall that is experiencing excessive heat loss.*


SPSenvirowall has £5,000,000 professional indemnity insurance giving the client peace of mind from the advice and design input SPSenvirowall's technical team can provide.

*Selected projects only