Refurbishment House Type

With the cost of energy ever rising it is important to recognise the thermal improvements that can easily be made to these types of properties. Solid wall and system built housing played their part in the regeneration of the Uk's property market and now it is time to improve them both thermally and in some cases aesthetically using our energy saving systems.

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Solid Wall Properties
Wimpey No Fines
Clasp 5M
Airey Units

Our product range enables us to provide tailor made solutions within affordable budgets, extending the life of these houses way beyond their original design expectations without the need for unjustifiably expensive re-builds.

A hands on practical approach, involving carefully monitored pilot schemes, has shown that the problems involved can frequently be overcome without resorting to costly frame and panel replacement.


We work with independent structural engineers, our clients and our contractors, pooling knowledge, ideas and experience to produce practical and totally viable solutions which work.

We have come to understand the needs of the tenants of these houses, and our solutions always include elements of design which reduce disruption to their daily lives during the progress of the work.


The examples which follow represent our achievements on some of the most challenging forms of system built houses. Highly innovative structures when they were built, they have managed to resist the elements and provide shelter for more than five generations to the thousands of families who live in them. Now they have been extensively renovated to become warm and attractive homes, ready to serve at least a further five generations at a fraction of the cost of demolition and rebuilding.