The Wall System 2 range of systems is designed to provide cost effective robust external wall insulation systems ideally suited for the refurbishment of social housing.

All of the Wall System 2 ranges of systems incorporate a polymer modified basecoat applied 4-8mm thick incorporating a plastic coated reinforcing glass fibre mesh.



Polymer modified cementitious base coat applied 4-8mm thick incorporating a plastic coated reinforcing glass fibre mesh.


Grained topcoat, ready mixed in tubs providing a highly weather resistant finish that can be supplied in an extensive range of colours.

High performance grained topcoat, ready mixed in tubs. It provides a highly weather resistant finish with enhanced cleansing properties due to a high hydrophobic nature. Supplied in an extensive range of colours.

High performance bagged product providing a quick drying grained, mineral alternative to EnviroCryl and EnviroSil.

Highly durable aggregate finish offering a traditional dry dash finish seen throughout the UK. Supplied in an extensive range of coloured aggregates and dash receivers.

A simulated brick finish providing a realistic, cost effective brick finish.

Speedy Slip
A simulated lightweight acrylic slip, providing a realistic alternative to real brick finishes.

A real brick finish created from the cut faces of real bricks.

A real brick finish supplied in an insulated panel form for speed of application.


Expanded Polystyrene

  • 20-300mm thickness
  • Age cured fire-retardant polystyrene
  • Lambda 0.032 - 0.037w/mK
  • Excellent value
  • User friendly

Mineral Wool

  • DD Slab 30mm-200mm
  • Facade lamella 30mm-200+mm
  • High density and compressive strength mineral wool
  • Lambda 0.036 - 0.040w/mK
  • Non combustible
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Thermo-dimensionally stable
  • Facade lamella - no requirement for mechanical fixings


  • 20-120mm thickness
  • CFC & HCFC free
  • Lambda 0.021 - 0.024w/mK
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Good fire performance

Typical System Build Up

  1. Insulation Board: Typical 1200mm x 600mm No cut boards less than 200mm width to be used. Type and thickness to be determined
  2. Basecoat: 4-8mm Retrobase Polymer Basecoat
  3. Reinforcement Mesh: Overlapped 100mm. Extra patches at doors and windows
  4. Top Coat: 6mm Coat of Envirodash High Polymer. Dash received. Aggregate, 3-8mm
  5. Base Bead: Powder coated galvanised steel with PVC nose. 2.5m or 3m lengths. Wherever possible PVC noses should slide across the joint between two lengths to help maintain a true line. Stainless steel alternative available. Oversized base bead to form bellcast (20mm)
  6. Base Bead Fixing: 6mm hammerfix, length and type to be determined by substrate. Maximum 300mm centres. Minimum length 60mm, hole must be minimum 10mm longer than fixing
  7. Insulation Fixing: Exact type and length to be determined by system and substrate. 60mm head minimum embedment 35mm. For fixing pattern see relevant detail sheet

For technical information about Wall System 2, please select the document below or visit our Technical Resources page.