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We have a history of supplying systems that meet the onerous requirements of the BBA and have been awarded BBA Certificates for fixing to masonry, timber frame and SFS structures with a tested life expectancy of in excess of 30 years. We have taken into account the requirements of the BBA under policy document 4 and 16 for extended life and are pleased to confirm that we are able to provide systems for applying to concrete, masonry and No Fines with an extended life expectancy of 60 years.

The systems and options

Our core systems have all achieved the 60 year extended life expectancy when fixed back to masonry, concrete and No Fines. This system offering covers all of our insulation range, EPS, enhanced EPS, MW and Phenolic as well as our complete collection of render finishes, Silicone, Acrylic, Dash and Brick Effect Render.

This complete range allows the building designer to have complete flexibility on insulation choices and render finishes allowing multiple options to be incorporated allowing a seemingly endless of choices of design.

JJP 6343

What has changed?

The SPSenvirowall core systems have only had a few changes to obtain the extended 60 year extended life expectancy with the main change being the requirement for fixing through the reinforcing mesh. Some of the core components have received a change in manufacturing material, but the method of application and interaction of components has not changed making the system easy to install for applicators who already know our system. The cost impact for changing between the 30 year and 60 year system is typically less than 10% installed and with the changes required being simple, then a project can switch between the two options with ease.

As part of the review for extended life, our internal documents have been audited and scrutinised including our training procedures, site inspections and maintenance manuals. By excelling on these items we have successfully achieved the highly acclaimed 60 year extended life expectancy.


Inspection programme

As with all ETICS systems, including the standard SPSenvirowall systems, the client has a level of responsibility to inspect and maintain the façade paying particular attention to areas of water ingress. This may involve the replacement of mastic seals in line with their working life or ensuring that any items that are fixed are done in accordance with the original design drawings. A condition based assessment by inspection is a useful method of reducing life cycle costs and allows budgets to be managed more efficiently.

By using the SPSenvirowall 60 year extended life expectancy systems, there is very little change in the level of responsibility. An outline of what is required for inspection and the best way in which to do this along with frequencies can be found in our maintenance and repair manual.

As well as following the normal annual inspection, in order to maintain the 60 extended life the building owner will be required to obtain a Condition Assessment and Survey Report every 10 years.

By working closely with the client during the initial onset of a project and with the contractor during works on site, we offer the best all round solution for ETICS throughout the UK with support from our regional depots to service every day needs.