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The Envirotherm TS Rail System has been designed incorporating a 15mm drainage gap. The Envirotherm TS Rail System was the first system of this type to achieve BBA approval.

  • BBA Certified
  • U Value 0.11 - 0.35W/m2K
    (Please contact SPSenvirowall technical department
    for U Value and Condensation Values)
  • RwdB 45 db - 55 db sound reduction
  • Full scale fire tested. Compliant BS8414 Part ll
  • EPS system compliant over 18 metres


  • Internal Lining
  • Lightweight Steel studs
  • SPSenvirowall Fabrock 271
  • Cement Particle Board
  • 15mm drainage gap
  • Rockwool or EPS with Mineral Wool fire breaks
  • 3-5mm Envirorend Basecoat incorporating
  • Plastic coated glass fibre reinforcing mesh
  • Silicone or Acrylic primer
  • Envirosil or Envirocryl Top coat


  • Minimum U-Value 0.15 - 0.35 W/(m2K)


  • Minimum sound insulation RwdB 45 - 55dB sound reduction


  • Tested to BS 8414 Part 2 and BR 135 compliant for us on buildings over 18m. Depending on the wall build up, the complete through wall system can achieve up to 120 minutes fire resistance. This is dependent on the wall structure and the choice of inner and outer sheathing boards.

Typical System Build Up

  1. Lightweight Steel Frame
  2. Internal lining
  3. SPSenvirowall Fabrock 271
  4. Cement Particle Board
  5. Rockwool Facade Lamella Fire Break - 1000mm* 200*mm. Rockwool insulation slabs.
  6. Rail System Running horizontally and vertically. PVC generally but aluminium at fire breaks. Fixed on 15mm spacer.
  7. EPS Polystyrene Rail System Insulation - 500mm* 500mm. Engineered to fit into rails.
  8. Reinforced Base Coat - Apply Envirorend high polymer base coat, minimum 3-5mm, with 8mm tooth trowel incorporating glass fibre reinforcement mesh.
  9. Primer & Top Coat - 1.5-3mm grain Envirosil/Envirocryl finish. Different textures available. Trowel applied, thickness determined by grain size.

For technical information about the TS Rail System, please click on the download link below or alternatively you can visit our Technical Resources page.