South Trelawney

RendaClad has been specifically developed for use on both LSF and timber frame construction providing a simple solution ensuring a vented cavity is maintained within the wall structure.

Key Benefits

  • Extensive accreditation including BBA and Bopas, with Kiwa BDA pending
  • Fast method of construction, reducing prelims per plot
  • Significant foot print savings per elevation.
  • A typical RendaClad system is 40-45mm from sheathing board, compared to approx. 170mm for masonry with render
  • Highly crack resistant
  • Choice of renders, brick & stone slips options on same carrier structure
  • Lightweight
  • Less storage required onsite
  • 30 & 60 year minimum design life accreditations options available
  • All key components A2-s1 or better available


SPSenvirowall was the first to offer a fully BBA certified render carrier board and render brick slip system in 2012. Our history with this solution however, goes back to 2006 when we first developed a tested system in conjunction with Ceram, now Lucideon.

As pioneers of this technology within the UK, SPSenvirowall has stayed at the forefront of continuous testing and development.

We currently have 3 certifications (1 pending) on our RendaClad system:

No company in the market offers such a compressive range of accreditations for this highly effective and innovative solution.


Typical System Build Up

  1. Timber, metal - modular construction
  2. Sheathing board
  3. Breather membrane
  4. SPSenvirowall support rail
  5. RendaClad board
  6. High polymer modified basecoat
  7. High performance reinforcement mesh
  8. Primer (optional, dependant on finish)
  9. Extensive range finishes available including render, brick & stone options

Top Coat Options

Enviromin is a high-performance cement based and polymer modified through coloured mineral thin coat render. Find out more>

Acrylic polymer based top coat supplied in various grain sizes offering a highly water repellent finish in a wide range of colours. Find out more>

FlexiSil’s Acrylic base with silicone enhanced additives give it the flexibility and extensive colour choice of acrylic. Find out more>

Silicone based top coat supplied in various grain sizes in a range of colours offering greater water repellency, vapour permeability and lower dirt retention. Find out more>

SpeedySlip provides the traditional appearance of a brick finished building but with technology of a lightweight acrylic or mineral brick slip finish. Find out more>

FlexiStone is a new stone panel available in a range of sizes, colours and textures to allow the look and feel of real stone, but at a fraction of the weight and cost. Find out more>

* Please note that not all finishes are third party accredited and therefore should be qualified with the SPSenvirowall technical department before deciding on system makeup if accreditation is required.