Wall System 1 direct fix to a suitable sheathing board can be used with either mineral wool insulation, expanded polystyrene or phenolic insulation depending on the specifiers requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Highly cost effective solution for framed structures
  • Extensive range of finishes available
  • Range of insulation options offered
  • Fast method of facade construction
  • Multiple insulation thicknesses available

Typical System Build Up

  1. Lightweight steel frame
  2. Internal lining
  3. SPSenvirowall Fabrock 271 or other suitable insulation
  4. Sheathing board (min 9mm)
  5. Adhesive mortar
  6. Mineral wool fire break used with EPS – phenolic insulation
  7. Insulation fixing (sheathing board and project specific)
  8. Insulation board: multiple options available
  9. High polymer modified basecoat with reinforcing mesh
  10. Primer (optional dependant on finish)
  11. Top coat. Extensive range topcoat-finishes available

Insulation Options 

  • Mineral Wool 
  • Expanded Polystyrene 
  • Phenolic 

Top Coat Options

Enviromin is a high-performance cement based and polymer modified through coloured mineral thin coat render. Find out more>

Acrylic polymer based top coat supplied in various grain sizes offering a highly water repellent finish in a wide range of colours. Find out more>

FlexiSil’s Acrylic base with silicone enhanced additives give it the flexibility and extensive colour choice of acrylic. Find out more>

Silicone based top coat supplied in various grain sizes in a range of colours offering greater water repellency, vapour permeability and lower dirt retention. Find out more>

SpeedySlip provides the traditional appearance of a brick finished building but with technology of a lightweight acrylic or mineral brick slip finish. Find out more>

* Please note that not all finishes are suitable for all insulations and should be qualified with the SPSenvirowall technical department before deciding on insulation and finish combination.