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Cavity systems are extensively used on lightweight framed structures to create a void between the cladding and the sheathed framed structure. SPSE CS systems 1 & 2 are the next generation of this solution.

The SPSE CS systems consist of EuroClass A1 components, which are mechanically fixed back to the inner sheathing board to create the designed cavity width with either the insulation board fitted directly to the A1 fillets (CS1 system), or a secondary A1 sheathing board and insulation (CS2 system).

A proprietary base coat render is applied with a reinforcing plastic coated glass fibre mesh prior to the application of the required finishes.


Non SPSenvirowall Components

  • Internal lining / plasterboard
  • Vapour control layer
  • Lightweight steel studs
  • Mineral wool insulation between steel studs
  • Sheathing board suitable of accepting cladding loads
Cavity System1

SPSenvirowall System Components

  • Minimum 15mm cavity using SPSE CS A1
    fillets, minimum 100mm wide at maximum
    600mm centres fixed back to LSF stud. Fixing
    type and fixings centres to be project specific
  • Intumescent fire break, fixed to inner sheathing board
  • Mineral wool insulation mechanically fixed to fillets
    and inner sheathing board
  • Base coat incorporating plastic coated glass fibre
    reinforcing mesh
  • Top coat finish of Enviromin, Flexisil and Envirosil
  • Optional Nanosil finish to Enviromin top coat
  • BrickSlip* options: SPSE Speedy Slip*

Key Benefits

  • KIWA BDA Certification
  • Compliant with Approved Document B and Technical Handbook section 2
  • Minimum EuroClass Reaction to Fire classification of A2 – s1, d0
  • EuroClass A1 support system
  • Takes cladding out of the critical path by quickly weatherproofing the building
  • Low-cost cladding solution
  • Fast application
  • Tried and tested
  • Wide range of colours and finishes including brick slips
  • Easily achieves high levels of thermal performance
  • Highly durable and weather resistant
  • Crack resistant