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SpeedySlip provides the traditional appearance of a brick finished building but with technology of a lightweight acrylic or mineral brick slip finish. Developed over two decades ago the product is an ideal finish for external wall insulation systems as well as onto high performance carrier board such as our Rendaclad System. It is ideally suited both low and high rise buildings. On low rise, in conjunction with Timber-metal frame or modular where speed and weight are paramount it excels and on high rise both new and refurbishment where traditional brick slips would not be recommended.

Each slip is handmade from the highest quality of raw materials, which ensures the traditional and natural appearance of a brick finish. Its lightweight and flexible compositions, opens up the possibility of design. Each slip measures only 4-6mm thick and can easily be fixed to basecoat renders with our ultra high flexible bonding adhesive.


SpeedySlip has undertaken extensive certification with a number of Accreditation bodies such as BBA, KIWA and Bopas. It offers options to be used with Mineral Wool, EPS and Phenolic Insulation, some with or without a cavity and is suitable for use onto Carrier board in our Rendaclad System.


Insulated Accreditations Pending

Non Insulated Board: RendaClad

Non Insulated Board Accreditations

*Please contact our technical services for up-to-date information on 01535 661 633.

The Benefits

  • A2 rating or better on all key system components available
  • Lightweight system
  • Cost effective compared to traditional brick slips
  • Ideally suited for both low and high rise applications
  • Long life span and no maintenance costs
  • Colour matching service available

Colour Options

SpeedySlip comes in a standard range colours shown below. SPSE are able through our colour matching service to offer a wider range of colours and textures, although this service is dependent on project size and takes slightly longer to facilitate.

Thanks to its high quality production, should you choose a standard colour or a special colour, SpeedySlip will deliver a natural appearance and an effective interplay of colours every time. SpeedySlip also comes in corner facing bricks which finish the corners perfectly, further strengthening the appearance of a traditional solid brick facade.