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The BrickStick system offers the flexibility of a brick slip system with the traditional look, durability and feel of real brick work. Developed to complement our Brick Finish package, BrickStick provides a slip system with added durability of real brick slips. The system can be designed to incorporate any type of brick work so allowing the new structure to be perfectly blended into its surroundings.

The system works by adhesive fixing pre-cut brick slips or fired brick slips to a basecoat insulation board that is prefixed to the substrate. There is no need for complicated mesh systems or expensive grooved insulation boards. BrickStick is supplied with cut pistol brick slips thus allowing clean and traditional corners to be formed.

Fast and simple to install, the system incorporates a unique method of using a rope to ensure even placement of slips. The roped system allows the installer to follow the natural lines of each brick further emphasising the look of a traditional brick facade.

The Benefits

  • Highly durable finish
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Can easily accommodate any unevenness in the substrate
  • High impact resistance
  • Any brick type can be used