For over 40 years, our range of systems has had a successful track record in the UK and continental Europe. They have been used in some of the most exposed sites in Europe without any recorded failures. The systems have undergone a rigorous testing regime in both the UK and Germany with an expected life in excess of 60 years if properly maintained.

Accreditation Logos February 2017

Our range of systems has been rigorously tested to BS and EN standards along with European Technical Approval Guideline number 004 to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Our systems have been assessed by the BBA to ensure they meet the Building Regulations of England and Wales and also the Building (Scotland) Regulations.


BBA Certificate 05/4206 Product Sheet 1 – SPSenvirowall Wall System 1, Mineral Wool Insulation

BBA Certificate 05/4206 Product Sheet 2 – SPSenvirowall Wall System 1, EPS and Phenolic Insulation

BBA Certificate 05/4206 Product Sheet 3 – SPSenvirowall TS Rail System

BBA Certificate 12/4939 Product Sheet 1 – SPSenvirowall RendaClad System

BBA Certificate 13/5065 Product Sheet 1 – SPSenvirowall Wall System 2, EPS Insulation

BBA Certificate 16/5336 Product Sheet 1 – SPSenvirowall Mineral Render System

BBA Certificate 17-5447 Product Sheet 2 - TS Rail EPS for Timber Frame, Mineral Wool

BBA Certificate 17-5447 Product Sheet 1 TS Rail Mineral Wool for Timber Frame


Mineral wool insulation has been manufactured in accordance with BS EN 13162.

Polystyrene insulation has been manufactured in accordance with BS EN 13163.

Moisture Penetration

Our systems meet all the requirements of MOAT 22 and European Technical Approval 004 for moisture penetration and have been awarded BBA Certificates 05/4206, 12/4939 and 13/5065 including 60 year extended life for the majority of systems.

Thermal Performance

The thermal performance of the insulation has been assessed in accordance with EN 12667.


The range of SPSenvirowall renders are approved by the BBA and are covered by certificate number 05/4206.


  • Galvanize – BS EN 10143
  • Stainless steel – BS 1449/2 & EN 10088/2
  • Aluminium - EN 485/4


Our systems have been fully fire tested in accordance with the below:

Full scale fire test external cladding BS8414 Part 2 Compliant. European Reaction to Fire Classification B1 for EPS insulation systems and A2 for Mineral Wool insulation systems. Wind loading has been approved to withstand wind loading in accordance with BS EN 1991, Parts 1 to 4.