SPSenvirowall, once again demonstrating its commitment to cladding certification and safety, is pleased to announce its whole range of innovative Cavity Systems has successfully achieved Kiwa BDA certification.

Founded in 1948, Kiwa is a world top 20 leader and independent third party in Testing, Inspection and Certification, with the aim to contribute to organisations being able to offer quality and adding value to society thanks to their reliability, safety, efficiency and sustainability.

On behalf of construction product and system manufacturers, Kiwa BDA independently verifies products for suitability and fitness for use in construction projects.

After undergoing rigorous testing SPSenvirowall has recently achieved six Kiwa BDA certifications, four for its new Cavity System and two for its Wall System 1 solution.

Extensively used on lightweight structures, cavity systems create a drainage void between the cladding and the sheathed framed structure. The speed at which the LSF and insulated cladding can be erected and weatherproofed, provides extensive benefits to developers, often removing the cladding from the critical path. It brings forward the internal trades and thereby shortening the contract period, and eliminating the problems associated with brick and blockwork construction.

Now benefitting from a Kiwa BDA certification the new systems from SPSenvirowall are compliant with approved document B and Technical Handbook Section 2 and has a minimum EuroClass Reaction to Fire classification of A2 –s1, d0.

Following the changes in regulation surrounding fire and addressing the challenges of the design and supply of cladding systems, the importance of an independent certification demonstrates SPSenvirowall’s commitment to quality, safety and best practice.

“We are pleased to introduce our new Cavity (CS) System into the market. Providing a fully accredited external wall insulation system, accepted by most building warranty and insurance providers. It’s quick and easy to install and an extremely cost-effective solution to providing brick and render finishes to lightweight fast track construction up to and above 18 meters.” Kevin Mangan, Innovation Manager

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