Covid 19 Customer Communication

The Benx Group of companies is aware of the potential impact coronavirus (COVID-19) will have on our customers, our employees and the wider community. We are closely monitoring the situation and our focus is on protecting employee and customer health through maintaining strict hygiene routines, utilising remote working where possible, and ensuring that our approach continues to reflect the evolving government guidance.

Our primary goals are to keep everyone safe and to keep you working. At present, all our teams are equipped to continue operating without interruption and we intend to continue ‘business as usual’, for as long as possible. The current situation is as follows.

• We are in regular contact with our supply chain partners and, at present, we are not experiencing significant issues accessing critical products; however, our suppliers are based in many overseas jurisdictions and we cannot be certain that this will continue to be the case, albeit we are doing everything possible to avoid any disruption of supplies.

• Our branches and fabrication facilities are fully operational with no disruption to production schedules

• We are utilising videoconferencing where possible to minimise the risk of transmission – a move reciprocated by many customers and suppliers

• Our in-house delivery fleet continues to operate as normal and we are also working with our external logistics partners to ensure we continue to meet delivery commitments

• To maintain resilience, we have moved a number of our employees to home office locations, working seamlessly within our existing IT infrastructure

To assist with planning and to ensure we can accommodate any significant change in your requirements, we encourage you to engage with your sales manager or our internal sales teams regularly.

Protecting our employees, our customers and the public remain our top priority. We are confident that the precautions we have taken will enable us to continue to support you on a timely basis, while maintaining our service levels.

We will advise you of any significant changes. In the meantime, if you have any specific questions or concerns, please speak to your Area Sales Manager or Customer Services representative or email