Cs Rail System

Experts and leading external wall insulation and façades supplier, SPSenvirowall is delighted to have been awarded a KIWA BDA certificate for its new Cavity System 2 with flexible brick slips system, achieving the EU reaction to fire rating of A2 – s1, d0.

Extensively used on lightweight structures, cavity systems create a drainage void between the cladding and the sheathed framed structure. The SPSenvirowall Cavity System 2 is the next generation of this solution.

The speed at which the LSF and insulated cladding can be erected and weatherproofed, provides extensive benefits to developers, often removing the cladding from the critical path, bringing forward the internal trades and thereby shortening the contract period, thus eliminating the problems associated with brick and blockwork construction.

This modern method of construction has proven extremely popular over recent years and dominates the build method used for mid to high rise structures, which is an ideal scenario to specify and install SPSenvirowall’s new Cavity System.

The SPSenvirowall Cavity System consists of EuroClass A1 components, which are mechanically fixed back to the inner sheathing board to create the designed cavity width, with a secondary A1 sheathing board and insulation (CS2 system).

A proprietary base coat render is applied to the mineral wool insulation boards with a reinforcing plastic coated glass fibre mesh prior to the application of the required finishes.

The Cavity Systems benefit from a KIWA BDA certification and the new system from SPSenvirowall is compliant with approved document B and Technical Handbook section 2 and has a minimum EuroClass Reaction to Fire classification of A2 –s1, d0.

The system can accommodate a range of finishes, including SPSenvirowall high performance textured finishes – Silicone, FlexiSil and Enviromin as well as brick effect facades – SpeedySlip and BrickStick, offering the traditional appearance of brick which is extremely durable and lightweight.

*KIWA BDA for alternative finishes in final stages of assessment. Please contact SPSenvirowall for updates.