Mmc Seminar 30 01 19 2

SPSenvirowall hosted a Method of Modern Construction (MMC) seminar on Wednesday 30th January at the Holiday Inn, Taunton. Presented by Director of Housing and Offsite Construction, Dan Macey, the seminar covered innovations and positive industry changes relating to MMC.

Joined by guest speakers from BOPAS, Lloyds Register, Buildlite, Totally Modular and Bristol City Council, the seminar was a huge success and discussed a variety of topics which included the use of RendaClad as a proprietary solution for use with framed buildings, MMC risk management and mortgageability, offsite accreditation to deliver lender assurance, BOPAS approved volumetric offsite homes and future foundations an insulated raft ground floor slab.

The take away message from the seminar was to “create positive disruption by embracing change using MMC and Offsite to Compliment to compete”.

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