Bricks date back to 7000BC and are one of the oldest known building materials and is still a commonly used building material in the present day and will continue to prove its longevity in the construction industry.

Building Momentum 

With the slow cumbersome and traditional methods that come with brick and block laying and its reliance on the high demand for brickwork, material and supply and where a shortage of skills and labour add to project timescales and costs, it’s time to replace the need for a blockwork façade and adopt the use of lightweight, cost-effective brick slips.

Brick slips provide the means for architects to achieve the aesthetics of their design cost-effectively and efficiently and provide contractors with the speed of application.

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Our brick slip range offers architects and designers a touch of history and uniqueness. In addition to our extensive range of flexible SpeedySlips and clay BrickStick slips, SPSenvirowall also offers a bespoke service to offer a larger range of elegant colours, delivering a natural appearance and an effective interplay of colours every time. Architects now have free rein when it comes to design, with our offering, our brick slips allow more flexibility and more options. 

Testing and Accreditation

SPSenvirowall systems using SpeedySlips and BrickStick meet current legislation for buildings over 18 meters where class A1 and A2 - s1, d0 non-combustible material is required. 

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