The debate over the need for an additional suitable fire pin within EWI / ETICS systems still goes on. 

Current legislation for buildings with a storey height above 18m is very clear, any cladding system when tested and assessed to BS EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 must be Euroclass B, s3 – d2 or better AND use an insulation product that is Euroclass A2 or better, OR use a system that has been tested / assessed to BS 8414-1:2015 + A1:2017, BS 8414-2:2015 + A1:2017 and BR 135 third edition.  Reference to the insulation requirement of A2 can be found in section 12.7 and Annex A, Table A7 of Approved Document B (England and Wales) and also in Annex 2E, table 2.20 of the Technical Handbook 2 (Scotland).

There is no requirement within the BS 8414 testing to include for an additional suitable fire pin through the system mesh to restrain the base coat in the event of a fire therefore reducing the risk of delamination and cavities being created. BR 135 refers to DAS 132 for key design elements and states ‘Through fixing of the render base coat to the primary structure with all-steel fixings should also be considered’. SPSenvirowall Limited can confirm that the BS 8414 tests that they have completed do not use any additional suitable fire pins other than those required at fire breaks, so the systems are compliant to BR 135 and current legislation without the need for the additional pins.

However additional pins outside of the scope discussed above may be required by third party warranty providers, client requirements or the fire strategy plan / design for the building. For these reasons SPSenvirowall Limited would defer this critical design decision to others. But as stated above, we can provide evidence of the system’s performance without additional fixings.

If these pins are required, it should be agreed at design stage as no subsequent claim would be accepted by SPSenvirowall. These are to be a rate of 1 per m² or 1 per insulation board (due to our current data, most projects ask for 1 per m², but this should always be confirmed) and they should be installed from the ground floor upwards. It is a common misconception that if required, these pins start at 18m.