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SPSenvirowall is delighted to announce that it has secured BOPAS (Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme) accreditation for its innovative seamless rendered rain screen system, RendaClad.

RendaClad is a full façade system made up of many carefully selected components which have been rigorously tested and as an entire system makes up one of a very few BBA approved systems of its type which provides the reassurance that it will perform over the long term.

RendaClad is the first and currently only proprietary solution that has successfully undergone rigorous assessment with BOPAS, designed to give lenders and surveyors the assurance of the building materials utilised within a development. This has provided confidence to the market that the innovative concept has a minimum life expectancy of 60-years.

This accreditation will allow SPSenvirowall to deliver a high-quality solution to the construction industry, with the reassurance that it meets their strict requirements.

What Is BOPAS?

Developed by Buildoffsite, the RICS, Lloyd’s Register and BLP in conjunction with the main mortgage lenders, BOPAS addresses the perceived risk of offsite construction techniques and facilitates lending against non-traditional construction systems.

With the challenges brought by the government to build 250,000 homes per year, the demand for innovative or non-traditional methods of construction to replace poor quality and conventionally constructed homes has never been greater.

BOPAS accreditation assures lenders, funders, valuers and purchasers that homes built from non-traditional means will be durable and deliver the quality required by the industry.

The accreditation will permit SPSenvirowall to deliver its RendaClad system to offsite and modular solutions, enabling the delivery of a greater range of projects.