Eight of our product models are live on the NBC National BIM Library. For those not familiar with BIM, it is an acronym for Building Information Modelling and it is a digital representation of a building’s design process and material - it brings together all of the information about every component of a building, in one place and creates a common language between all parties to make an integrated team.

BIM is design modelling software used by architects for designing buildings and linking products and specifications to live data. This enables them to ensure all product data is visible to all in the procurement and construction process and is becoming a go to tool for PFI schemes.

Now available to download on the NBC National BIM Library, you will be able to find our Wall System 1 with EPS and Mineralwool insulation, TS Rail and RendaClad systems. 

Find the Right Solution for your Project 

Eight of our products are bundled into individual BIM files and categorised so that users can easily find and select the right solution for their project.

Information Richness

The BIM files contain 3D product models that have various attributes for cavity barriers, cladding panels fasteners, cladding panels material, support structure carriers, structure fasteners and system accessories.

Available Formats

The BIM files are compatible with architectural CAD software and can be downloaded as both Revit and IFC file, the open and neutral data format for BIM in the construction industry.

You can download them here, from the National BIM Library > National BIM Library