Modular construction (sometimes known as volumetric construction) provides the housing market with prefabricated buildings or homes which are constructed off-site under controlled factory conditions while simultaneously work on-site progresses.

Once delivered on-site, the prefabricated buildings are assembled and joined together to make the final building structure.

A modular building is typically constructed using the same materials and built and designed using the same codes and standards as traditional builds but in half the time and is often more cost-effective.

As the construction landscape changes, and modular construction becomes increasingly popular with contractors, architects and developers, SPSenvirowall now offers an effective solution to the modular construction market.

Benefits of SPSenvirowall Solutions for Modular Build (Volumetric) Construction

  • BOPAS / KIWA BDA Accredited
  • A rated non-combustible systems
  • Non-structural lightweight solution
  • Contributes to low carbon, energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Strength - High impact resistant boards
  • Minimal storage requirements

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