What Is External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation, also referred to as solid wall insulation is a system consisting of high performance insulation which is fitted to the external walls of your home which not only insulates, but protects the exterior as well.


It is then covered with specialist render cladding of your choice. With a wide range of finishes in a variety of colours and textures, we can give your home a durable and attractive appearance.

This type of insulation is particularly suited to solid wall homes; however we can also provide advice on non-traditional construction properties.


What does it involve?

Often requiring scaffolding, the installation of external wall insulation typically takes a week to complete depending on the weather and the size of your home.

Insulating material is added to the outside walls of your home and is then coated with a protective render or cladding. This is a specialist job and requires an approved installer who can specialise in the use of our insulation system.

We can help you locate an approved installer specific to your area. Call us on 01535 661 633 or drop us an email for more information on info@spsenvirowall.co.uk