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Remodelling the Façade and Enhance the Thermal Efficiency of your Home

When you decide to upgrade the insulation of your home with External Wall Insulation (EWI) you are creating a canvas that will enable you to remodel and refresh the façade of your property simultaneously, and also provide the thermal efficiency and potential energy savings you are looking for.

This was the aim of home owners, Mike and Gaynor Roberts who were looking to create an energy efficient home, with low-cost maintenance and a contemporary look and feel. Our products were perfect for their project.

What is External Wall Insulation?

External wall insulation (EWI), also referred to as solid wall insulation (SWI), consists of high performance insulation that is fitted to the external wall of your property. It can be placed over almost any existing substrate, even over existing render that may have failed; there is no requirement to strip off existing paint or render coatings like traditional render systems.

The insulation is then covered with a specialist render or a cladding system in order to provide a durable and attractive finish to your property; one that either matches the existing façade, or improves the overall appearance. A variety of finishes, designs and details are available to suit almost any preferences.

Not just a pretty façade

EWI systems not only provide a decorative uplift to old buildings, but they also greatly improve thermal efficiency and help to cut CO₂ emissions. This type of insulation is particularly suited to solid wall homes where other forms of insulation are not possible. By installing the insulation externally, it offers very little disruption and does not impact on the internal living space. EWI protects the fabric of the building and can reduce fuel bills by up to 50%.


Grants are available to contribute towards the cost of the installation. Currently these can cover up to two thirds of the cost but are subject to change. The work usually requires scaffolding and a typical installation will take around a week to complete, dependent on weather, size of the property and complexity of the façade. Benefits include significantly lower energy bills and reassurance that your highly insulated home is better protected from ever-increasing future utility bills. External wall systems enhance the look your home, too, adding value, comfort and beauty. By giving thought to remodelling the façade of your property, you can create a whole new property if that is your desire.

Owners, Mike and Gaynor Roberts

The property was a typical 60s, three-bedroomed bungalow which was fuelled by coal. We remodelled the existing part and substantially extended to become what is now a contemporary five-bedroom house.

Our brief was to provide a home that was a low cost maintenance solution and, because we do not have a gas supply, we wanted to look at a thermally-efficient solution that went beyond current building regulations that included triple glazing and external wall insulation. We have brought our house from the 60s into the 21st century and have future proofed it from increased fuel bills.