The Benefits of External Wall Insulation


Lowers your fuel bills

By reducing the amount of heat escaping through your walls, you can heat your home faster and keep it warmer for longer using external wall insulation (EWI).

Protects the fabric of your home

By keeping the building warm and dry, EWI protects the building's structure and improves weatherproofing. The finished render is durable and breathable so you won't have issues with damp either.

Improves the appearance of your home

We have a wide range of finishes available making it possible to mimic the existing façade of your home or to completely re-model it using any of our aggregate or textured finishes to our brick and more complex décor profiles.

Reduces carbon footprint

By choosing to have external wall insulation you are helping to reduce carbon emissions.

25 year guarantee

Our guarantee protects against any failure of the system caused by materials, workmanship or design.

Low disruption

Although not disruption free, external wall insulation is a significant undertaking, however, it offers less disruption to your home life than internal solid wall insulation. It also won't affect the size of your rooms.