• Application: 90mm GEPS, Envirobrick Render
  • Area: Dartford
  • Client: Dartford Borough Council
  • Completion Date: 2015
  • Project Type: Refurbishment
  • Installer: Lawtech Group
  • Warmer Streets Project Dartford Case Study

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The Objective

The Warmer Streets Project is an energy efficiency improvement programme led by Dartford Borough Council, to install external wall insulation to 300 private houses in the Dartford area.

The aim of the project was to provide a perfect finish to a show home standard while improving their housing’s thermal and energy efficiency to reduce fuel bills.

The scheme started in October 2014 with Lawtech Group appointed as the principal contractor to year-long programme of refurbishment, with SPSenvirowall as the system specifier providing high quality materials.

Utilizing a 90m Lambdatherm grey EPS with an acrylic topcoat and Envirobrick render system which was applied over the existing substrate, customers would benefit from a u-value of 0.3W/(m2K) and lower fuel bills as a result.

The Challenges

SPSenvirowall ensured over the duration of the project that the customer received a continuity of materials and was provided with full technical monitoring, colour support and delivery supply times to satisfy the requirements of the architect, the installer and structural engineer and met the needs of quality assured national warranties.

While the domestic market has its own set of challenges, system installer Lawtech found it a challenge to work with private-homeowners on this scale, therefore a high-level management and co-ordination team was set up, all versed in providing the best quality customer service. With this in mind, Lawtech managed each homeowner as an individual to better understand their needs as opposed to a robotic construction approach which really helped during this project.

The Benefits

Due to the success of this work which began in October 2014, residents can benefit from warmer homes in the winter and cooler in the summer, whilst reducing energy costs with a new U-value calculation of 0.3w(m2k), a huge improvement from the initial 2.1w(m2k).

In response to the uptake from the residents and positive feedback from completed homes, Dartford Borough Council extended Lawtech’s contract until December 2015.