• Application: Wall System 2 90mm EPS
  • Area: North Warwickshire
  • Client: North Warwickshire Borough Council
  • Project Type: Refurbishment
  • Installer: Westville
  • Arley And Atherstone Case Study

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The Project

Homes in the Arley and Atherstone areas received new insulated render systems after a three year framework was initiated by North Warwickshire Borough Council.

Contractor, Westville was appointed to install external wall insulation, windows and rainwater goods on selected properties across North Warwickshire.

In total, 160 homes were insulated by Westville using SPSenvirowall’s 90mm grey EPS platinum board with a mixture of texture and brick effect render which achieved a thermal efficient 0.3kW/m2K u-value calculation.

The Challenge

Much of the Atherstone and Arley area is based in a rural location and much of it is classed as a conservation area. The Arley area had previous issues with the appearance of its properties being changed and therefore not in keeping with the local surroundings. Additionally, Westville faced significant local issues caused by previous poor work and breakdown of trust with the planning department.

The Solution

Westville were able to overcome these issues by involving all stakeholders during each stage of design. Westville partnered with SPSenvirowall and worked closely with the planning department and local councillors to ensure all stakeholders were involved at the design stage. SPSenvirowall produced detailed computer generated images to clearly illustrate how the properties could look. These were then studied by all stakeholders, adjusted and re-presented until all details of the design were correct and received a unanimous sign-off.

The result of this collaborative process, was a mixture of attractive designs using both brick effect and colour through render.

The Benefits

The success of this work completed in December 2016 has meant that residents can now benefit from much warmer homes and a much improved living environment whilst also reducing energy costs. The newly refurbished properties have provided a welcomed improved appearance to the surrounding local area with their attractive facades.