• Application: TS Rail
  • Area: Uxbridge
  • Client: Howarth Homes
  • Completion Date: 2019
  • Installer: Stanmore
  • Panorama Case Study

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SPSenvirowall has worked with approved installer, Stanmore, on the prestigious Panorama development in Uxbridge. The stunning and contemporary residential building is the epitome of luxury and well connected to London.

Situated just a few minutes’ walk from Uxbridge Station, the 7 storey, Panorama development by Howarth Homes saw the construction of a collection of 80 studio suites and 1-bedroom contemporary apartments available through the shared ownership scheme.

The System

SPSenvirowall products specified were its TS Rail system with 150mm EPS. The stunning façade finish was created using SPSenvirowall’s Staffordshire blue flexible brick, SpeedySlip utilising 1.5mm EnviroSil topcoat colours, WG23, a warm grey, GO49, grey olive and WH89, white with a light grey pointing mortar.

The SPSenvirowall’s EnviroSil is a high vapour permeable product making it an ideal topcoat to use as a finish with all types of insulation and is available in 1.00mm, 1.50mm, 2.00mm and 3.00mm grain size. 

Design Feature

A feature of Panorama is its curved façade, a design element desired by the client which was accomplished in a brick finish and to a high standard. SPSenvirowall’s SpeedySlip brick slips provided the solution to constructing a curved appearance in place of using traditional brick which would have proved difficult. SPSenvirowall’s flexible slips enabled this feature to be created easily and quicker than the traditional method in addition to providing a greater range in choice of brick colour. SpeedySlip’s lightweight and flexible composition truly opens up the possibility of design.

High Quality Façade  

SPSenvirowall’s SpeedySlips are handmade from the highest quality of raw materials, which ensures the traditional and natural appearance of a brick finish. SpeedySlip has undertaken extensive certification and is accredited under BBA, KIWA and BOPAS. It offers options to be used with Mineral Wool, EPS and Phenolic Insulation, some with or without a cavity and is suitable for use onto carrier board in our RendaClad system.


In addition to a standard range of colours, SPSenvirowall also offers a bespoke service to offer a larger range of elegant colours, delivering a natural appearance and an effective interplay of colours every time. SPSenvirowall brick finishes are also available as a clay option, offering the flexibility of a brick slip system with the traditional look, durability and feel of real brickwork and like SpeedySlip, is also A2 fire rated.  SPSenvirowall is able through its colour matching service to offer a wider range of colours and textures.

The stepped building design of Panorama now offers a modern and contemporary façade and is the latest new development for the up and coming area.