We promote the re-use, recycling and responsible disposing of all of our product range, via the environmental recycling schemes currently in operation direct from our sites.

PVC and metal bead offcuts are fully recyclable.

The topcoat and primer plastic tubs are fully recyclable.

When using the product ranges, recycle all cardboard and other types of packaging.

Direct from site recycling schemes are available for Lambdatherm Grey EPS insulation boards, Phenolic Insulation boards and Mineral Wool insulation boards.

These schemes have been introduced to reduce landfill requirements from our active sites across the UK. This will assist clients who are conscious of the impact that a large contract can have on the use and disposal into their local landfill site. The insulation recycling schemes we operate have encouraged contractors and clients to sign up enabling the change of direction for the insulation off-cuts waste from landfill to be returned and fully recycled at the respective manufacturer's plants to then be re-introduced into new product boards or other manufacturing processes.

Over the operational period these simple to implement schemes have been responsible for the recycling of thousands of cubic meters of waste insulation boards, which invariably would end up in landfill sites across the UK.