We promote the recycling of plastic, metal and packaging within our technical specification documents, all to encourage responsible behaviour regarding waste on site. Regular discussions take place with our suppliers to reduce packaging and to implement new designs and features to create better efficiencies within the product range used on site.

As members of INCA and NIA we actively contribute to regular meetings and technical groups to encourage an environmental focus within our market place.

All of our UK branch depots operate our environmental policies regarding recycling waste and logistic efficiencies. We look at the efficiency of deliveries, either direct full load from suppliers or encouraging grouped deliveries.

We have an environmental policy and many other environmental documents ready for issuing to our clients and approved contractor base. SPSenvirowall is committed to the important and worthwhile task of looking after our environment.

We recognise that environmental issues are of great importance, not only for the future health and sustainability of our operations, staff and customers, but also for the wider community. We seek to continually assess the environmental impacts of our operations at local, regional and global scales to ensure long-term sustainability.

We are committed to:

  • Operating the business in an environmentally sustainable manner.
  • Operating at all times in accordance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations. We will do so by maintaining a comprehensive and up-to-date register of applicable environmental legislation and regulations.
  • Adopting a sustainable purchasing policy where practicable.
  • Generating staff awareness, knowledge of environmental issues and the impacts that SPSenvirowall Ltd has on the environment through regular training, distribution of and access to informative material through email, the intranet and progress updates.
  • Improving the energy efficiency of our operations through the implementation of energy-saving measures, updates on progress, staff training and efforts towards the purchasing of more energy efficient equipment.
  • Reducing, re-using and recycling waste materials whenever possible. We will conduct annual waste audits, and continually seek to improve the ways in which we re -use and recycle our waste materials as well as monitor, reduce and prevent pollution.
  • Engaging with our customers and suppliers to encourage a co-operative approach to reducing our environmental impact.
  • Ensuring the effective management of our transport so that we utilise capacity for all deliveries.
  • Reducing, re-using and recycling our packaging whenever possible. We will continue to seek ways in which we can reduce and improve the reusability and recyclability of both the products we receive, and the products sent out to customers.
  • Providing a framework for setting and reviewing our environmental objectives and establish realistic time frames for us to achieve these.
  • Continually seek and achieve the objectives we set out in our Environmental Management System.
  • Monitoring our environmental performance through annual reviews and half-yearly audits to establish benchmarks for continuous improvement; and
  • Regularly reviewing our environmental policy in order to take into account the view of employees, changes in legislation, and any changes in our environmental impacts.

Download our policies here:

SPSenvirowall Environmental Policy

SPSenvirowall ISO 14001 Certificate