The Project 

A Scottish Power funded scheme saw a complete refurbishment of three separate blocks of social housing flats in Jubilee Court, Ashfield.

The Objective 

The client, Ashfield District Council, appointed Westville Group who, working collaboratively with SPSenvirowall, installed a 60mm phenolic external wall insulation system to enhance the thermal efficiency of the buildings, in addition to a mixture of dash and brick effect to improve the external appearance of each development. 

The Challenges 

During the installation works, Ashfield District Council’s key objective was to ensure tenants were fully informed of all works to be carried out at each dwelling and of any disruption that may be caused. It was required by the Council that all communication should be directed through main contractor, J Tomlinson, creating a challenge to ensure all tenants were informed in a quick and timely manner. Therefore, an effective communication relationship had to be developed with J Tomlinson to provide bespoke information and outstanding customer care to all tenants. 

The effective communication meant that the works carried out was less disruptive to the residents and the surrounding area. 

The Benefits 

All funding was secured allowing properties to be fully insulated and rendered in line with project specifications. The resulting insulation work improved each properties U-Values dramatically, resulting in readings of 0.3 from a previous 2.1. 

Completed in November 2016, the tenants of phase 1 of the refurbishment now feel warmer and more comfortable in their homes, saving on fuel bills and the appearance of their home being far more aesthetically pleasing.